Review | Ultrabland by Lush


I have been dying to get my hands on this product for ages and I finally popped into a Lush store and got it. I’m trying to be good to my skin and to do that I need to start off with a good cleanser. If you haven’t heard of Ultrabland, it is made by the lovely people at Lush and is based on an old Greek formula for cold cream. It is fuelled with some amazing elements like almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. When applied to the skin the texture goes a bit oily and it will cling to any dirt or make up on the skin and remove it without any hassle.

You can use cotton pads or a warm flannel to remove it and personally I prefer a warm flannel because it gives my face a good deep cleanse! I started using it over 2 weeks ago and I am really seeing some good results!! My skin feels so soft and a lot of the dry patches have disappeared, I reckon if I use it for another 2 weeks the dry patches will be completely gone. I actually find it quicker to use Ultrabland to take off my make up than make up wipes or micellar water. It felt like a total chore taking off my make up after a long shift and I’d end up leaving it on, now that I’m using Ultrabland it is a joy to take my make up off! I have been using generous amounts on my face for over 2 weeks and there is still so much left, for a 45g pot at £7.25 it is definitely worth every penny. I can’t picture my life without it now, it has impressed me that much!!

What cleanser do you swear by?



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