Even Blogs Have Resolutions….


Happy New Year Everyone!!

Wow it doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone past! I can remember last New Years (2013) as if it was yesterday, it’s crazy how time flies past your eyes. This year I decided to focus my resolutions on my blog!

I was very good at making a schedule during my first year of blogging but sticking to it was a different story. I think my problem was that everything was all over the place. I had my own personal diary and various different notebooks which was awfully confusing. This year I’ve bought myself a Busy B Busy Life diary that allows you to manage 2 schedules side by side. It was also super cute and came with stickers so I couldn’t say no to it! I have no excuse for not being organised in 2015 that’s for sure!

More Meet ups & Events
I have already been to a couple of events and meet ups and I would love to go to some more! Its a great way to meet fellow bloggers and interact with brands.

Get Rid of .wordpress.com
I want Eyelash in Wonderland to become a self hosted blog at some point next year. I feel slightly restricted with the free version of WordPress and with so many creative ideas I’m being held back! Any advice about how to do this would be awesome by the way 😉

Explore More!
I want my blog to take me places. I’d be happy even if it takes me on a 10 minute bus ride down the road. Whether its to visit a boutique, salon or a cafe I want to put my Oyster card to use!

Social Media
My blog finally has its own Twitter page after spending the last year using my personal page. I want to interact with people and get involved in weekly chats (the list is loooong!!). Social media is an important aspect in promoting a blog and I’m doing okay so far but there is more to be done.

Write Write Write!
I’m terrible when it comes to writing my posts. I’ll write then publish straight away and I never think about writing more and having posts in stock. When I’m super busy having posts ready would keep my blog active! Writing and photo sprees are a must!

This is the big one for me! I wanted to set up a channel in 2014 but time wasn’t really on my side. Now that I am going to be good and schedule I would like to set up a channel! I did my degree in Television Journalism and I miss getting in front of the camera!

Those are my resolutions for Eyelash in Wonderland. Fingers crossed this time next year I’ll be writing a post with bigger and better resolutions and not a repeat of the ones I didn’t stick to! I also have a few personal resolutions that I will share when I get back to London 🙂
What are your New Years Resolutions?

5 thoughts on “Even Blogs Have Resolutions….

  1. Ooh these are really good resolutions. I want to do more with my blog this year and I hope it really takes off. I’m going to speak to a few people about arranging meet ups. Happy New Year xx


  2. I think a few of us want to get into youtube this year. good luck with everything. Also scheduling posts is great. I try and do a week at a time. I’ve been a bit lax in 2014 but i’m planning on setting a couple of hours a weekend a side to write write and write some more x


  3. Lovely resolutions! I will be happy to follow your development 🙂 Some of the goals aren’t much different from my own 🙂 I really do wish there were more events where I live (or any at all actually). Might have to go for a trip to find one 😉 xx



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