Happy Birthday to Me!


On this day last year I was incredibly sick and drinking hot whiskeys when a wonderful idea popped into my head. I graduated from university a couple of months before hand and I couldn’t get full time work. I was either doing freelance work or working at my dads bar and I felt like I wasn’t expressing my creativity as much as I’d like to.

I have been blogging for years so it wasn’t new to me and it was only the fact that I was considering doing a film and TV beauty course that I set up my beauty blog. One year later and I am so amazed at the outcome!! People actually read my writing, I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers, made friends for life and learned a few things along the way

Thanks to all you lovely people who read my posts and followed me on social media! If it wasn’t for you guys I might not have stuck with this blog.

Heres to another fab year of blogging!

P.s…..Keep your eyes peeled for a Birthday Giveaway in January!!




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