REVIEW | Nivea Express Hydrating Primer


I only wear primer on special occasions or other times when I want my make up to stay put. The reason behind this is because of the way primers have affected my skin. My pores get blocked & my skin breaks out, it basically feels like I’m putting lard on my face (shudders). While I was at home this week my mother had yet another new beauty product and it was Nivea’s Daily Essentials Express Hydrating Primer.

I instantly loved this product when I tried it. Its super light, soaks in quickly and softens the skin. When I apply it to my face I can actually feel my skin getting hydrated! This product is a wonderful base for make up and miles better than the pricey primers I’ve used in the past. The product states that it uses and effective hydrator for long lasting make up, moisturisation and a soft skin feeling. Tick, Tick and TICK!

It feels so light and silky!

I have definitely noticed a change in my make up while I’ve been in Ireland. It looks so flawless throughout the day and I don’t get those weird patches on my face from where my make up has faded off previously. Nivea has impressed me yet again and when I get back to London I will be heading to my nearest stockist to pick up a jar. Oh and ladies if you have sensitive skin there is also a version of this primer to cater for you (it has a pink lid!).

It usually costs £4.99 but it is currently on offer HERE at Superdrug for £2.48!

If you have tried this product I’d love to know what you think of it!



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