Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze


British summer time is officially over! That means no more trips to the beach, chilling in the sunshine or lovely glowing skin. Ladies no need to worry about turning into a pasty wreck this winter, Cocoa Brown have the solution!

Gentle Bronze is a gradual tanner that you apply daily to build up a colour. In comparison to other products it works so fast! I popped some on my legs before bed and the next morning I could see a result! I am naturally deatly pale and Gentle Bronze gives me a healthy glow. It is definitely a product to keep close this winter. It will give you a lovely glow and keep your skin moisturised at the same time!

I personally think that gradual tanners are best for winter time. It drives me mad when I see girls out with pure dark tans…….in the middle of December!!  You can control how dark or light you’d like to be which is fantastic. The amount of times I’ve used a tanning product and ended up looking like an oompa loompa is unreal!  Another thing I liked about this tanner is that you don’t need to use too much to achieve a colour. Like any other tanning products, exfoliation is a must! Cocoa Brown have another fab product out called Tough Stuff which is wonderful for getting your skin prepped for applications.

Cocoa Brown products can be found in most Superdrug & Primark stores.

Happy Tanning!



3 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

  1. A gradual tanner is really the only type I think I’d be able to use well… I used regular self tan once… Thought I looked fine, then around 3 hours later into the night I happened to look in a mirror and oh my goodness. Talk about being tangoed! It wasn’t pretty!


  2. Some of us are quite happy to remain pasty wrecks, thank you very much! 😀 Us natural gingers just look silly with fake tan, imho, but I’m glad you’ve found something that works well for you. #UKbloggers


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