Yves Rocher | Volume Vertige Review



Mascara has to be one of my staple items. Like if I was sent off to a desert island I wouldn’t be going without a supply of mascara! I got this in a goody bag from a beauty bloggers meet up. I completely forgot I had it until last week when I was picking out some products to take home to my mom. I decided to take a chance and only bring this mascara with me to limit the amount of liquids I’d have to bag up for airport security.

Now I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but when I use mascara, I use 3 different ones to get the result I want. I like my lashes to appear long and be full of volume. Mascaras that I have used in the past (unaided by other mascaras) looked lovely when first applied but within an hour my lovely lashes would just flop! No mascaras I tried lived up to the hype surrounding them.

Yves Rocher state on their website that this mascara has a Resevoir Brush that will release the “perfect amount of mascara to maximise” and that the formula, that is enriched with botanical extract, will leave my lashes looking “sensational”.  Lets see if Yves Rocher will live up to that bold statement.

After one stroke on my lashes I instantly knew this mascara was “the one”. It showed results instantly, I could see my lashes getting longer as it was being applied. The brush is curved and has a dip in the centre of it, this helps with adding definition to the right areas of your lashes. There is no need to wipe off any excess mascara because the right amount of mascara is released onto the brush so there isn’t excess product getting on your lashes to cause clumps.

Collage Mascara


This mascara definitely lives up to its sensational reputation . Just have a look at the pictures above, the results are amazing! You don’t even need to apply too much  product to get the defined and voluminous look. I am just so impressed that one mascara has had such a brilliant end result. I will definitely be buying this mascara, it is worth every penny!

You can find this product over on the Yves Rocher website 🙂

What mascara has exceeded your expectations?




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