October Wishlist | Birthday Month!!!

My birthday is just under a month away *hint hint* so I thought it might be a good time to make my first wishlist! I see something I want on a daily basis, you can only imagine what I’d be like if I had an unlimited source of money

1). Lush; Ultrabland Cleanser: Since the Bbloggers meet up last month I have been dying to get back to Lush and buy a pot of this stuff!!! A lovely girl tested it out on my hand and the smell and texture of it was so lovely. If I had money on me at the moment in time I would’ve bought a huge tub of it!



2). Boots, New Look: I love boots but I never really thought they suited me! I couldn’t care less any more, they are pretty therefore I must have them! These are all from New Look and I’m drooling picturing them with a fab pair of skinny jeans and a pretty winter coat! One more thing……..THEY ARE SO ME!!!!



3).  Some form of a cleansing brush: I don’t care if its cheap as chips as long as I can have one!! Magnitone are depressing me on Twitter at the moment talking about their latest cleansing brush the Magnitone Lucid. Like I said I’m not fussed about brands I would love a cleansing brush to help me with my terrible skin 😦



 4). Silver Tone Draped Chain Collar Necklace, River Island: How cute is this necklace!! I am so in love with statement chains and this chain is perfect for those times you want add a touch of smart to your outfit (in an uber cool way!)


5). Cute stud earrings, Topshop: I love cute and quirky studs! My collection is huge and I love adding to it. Mixing and matching all the different studs is so much fun! These earrings scream rock and roll 😀



What’s on your wishlist for October?




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