Skin SOS! | Plan of Action


I have been uber busy over the last month and as a result my skin got neglected 😦 My cleansing routing went out the window and now I’m stuck with this awful breakout around my mouth!  I have never had this happen to my skin before, as a teen I never had acne and I didn’t even have a skin routine. I’m trying to be incredibly careful with the products going on my face at the moment. My face is oily, dry and spot riddled at the same time in the same area how awkward!  Luckily I’m at home for 10 days so I have time to dedicate to my skin. My plan of action is as follows ………..

  • Make up break: You can just imagine what wearing make up every day can do to your skin. It’s also the end of the world when you leave it overnight on a few times! I’m going to allow my skin to breath for a few days and leave the make up off!
  • Every morning I am going to use a Clean & Clear oil free scrub on my face to freshen it up and hopefully it will get rid of some blackheads and dead skin.
  • The dry areas of my face need to be looked after too, so I’m using my Yves Rocher Nutrive Vegetal 24H Comfort Nourishing Cream that is made for very dry skin.
  • At some point during the week I hope to be able to pop a mud mask on my face. I usually do this weekly but because busy bee here didn’t have time it didn’t happen 😦

I’m going to devise a new skincare plan for when I am busy and can’t dedicate much time to my skin. I don’t want to reach a stage in my life when I’m a little ancient wishing I took better care of my skin. The thought of being old is scary enough but being old with horrible skin AHHH!!

Anywhooo…..I’m going to do a post before I head back to London to give ye an update on my skins condition.

What are your tips for better skin? 🙂





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