Nails of the Week


I was planning to give the nail polish a break this week, but I had a nail sticker applied at an event yesterday so I just had to match it up with some polish!

The nail sticker is by IZ Beauty of London. The mixture of colours and the fab patterns instantly caught my eye! They have such a wide range of designs on the website. I’m definitely going to invest on a few packets of these. They can be applied anywhere and very quickly. I am a fan of having a feature nail so the two packets I have will last me ages! All you need to do is peel of the sticker apply it to your nail and file to size…..easy peasy lemon squeezy! They won’t hurt the purse too much costing £6.50, I think for a long lasting & fab looking product its definitely worth the price!

I used one of Collections Mardi Gras polishes to match the sticker. The shade is called Green with Envy. Last tine I was in Superdrug I saw that the range of Mardi Gras polishes were on offer! On the website they are priced at £1.99, not too shabby!



P.s Stay tuned for some event posts, product reviews and more!!!


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