Franks Cafe



The night I got back from Ireland I arranged to meet with some friends at Franks Cafe in Peckham. Now a lot of you will be thinking “whats so special about this place??”, but believe me when I say its beautiful! Franks Cafe is located on the top floor of a multi storey car park in Peckham with fabulous views across London. The panoramic view of the city with the sunset in the background is amazing, you kind of forget what’s happening on the ground and just admire London.


If you are going to venture up to Franks you MUST order yourself a Dark & Stormy, it was gorgeous in comparison to the many I’ve had in established cocktail bars! The bar staff were really lovely and polite 🙂 We got there at about 9pm and it was packed. Even at 11pm just before closing the crowd was still mighty!

The one thing I disliked was the toilets. Its like going into a loo at the end of a long music festival! They look quirky but smell funky!! I wasn’t impressed with the fact that the toilets are just a free for all, cubicals and urinals (with no doors!!) are just scattered wherever! It wasn’t nice having to pass men in the urinals doing their business :/ After finding a cubical there was another problem…… theres a big gap at the back of it so I was basically giving half of Peckham a view of my bum when I was pulling down my drawers, I’m glad it was dark!!!

Anywho! If you’re in the area make sure you check it out 🙂




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