Skin Care by Wise Women

We learn most of our beauty hacks from the older women in our lives, whether it be your older sister, mother, aunt or grandmother. We watch these women putting on their make up (in my case nicking lippy and putting it all over my gob!) and caring for their skin. Have you ever thought to ask an older woman how you have such amazing skin for your age? Well this is what I’m going to do a series on 🙂 Seeing as I’m going back to London tomorrow I thought I’d start with my Mom 🙂 Take it away Mom…….


Hello! I’m Bridget 🙂 I started taking care of my skin from the age of 13/14. I use to see my mother applying moisturiser to her face, I think it was Nivea. I saw it something you did like brushing your teeth, twice a day every day! I started off using Ponds Moisturising Cream, it was the only cream out back then. As time went on more beauty products became available and I moved on to Astral. It is still a staple in my routine today! It works wonders for dry skin, acts as a base for make up and it smells beautiful!

One of my all time products was Oil of Olay, Eilish managed to get a picture of it for me! It was lovely it wasn’t heavy on the skin and it kept my face hydrated. If I was to only pick one beauty item to take on a desert island with me, it would be moisturiser! In all my years I don’t think I’ve missed a day of moisturising!! I never used toners when I was young, not because I didn’t want to, because they weren’t really available back then! I have tried them now but toner is not for me! Some of my other little hacks include putting my face over a  bowl of hot water to steam open my pores, I would then get a bit of cotton wool and wipe away all the dirt (is that the correct term for it?) that was clogging my pores. You’d be amazed how clear your skin looks after its amazing, I’d definitely recommend doing once a week!

olay1  astral3  01HOL05md

I’m also a fan of using tea bags on my eyes. There are a number of uses for tea bags, you can use them when they’re hot to relieve sore eyes and when they’re cold to reduce puffiness and refresh them. I always ensured I took off my make up every night, everyone has slept in their make up a few time but its one of the worst things you can do. I think we should all give our faces a break from make up and let the skin breath 🙂

I’m so lucky to have the skin I have for my age (a lady never reveals her age! 😛 ). I know a lot of women who have sun damaged skin and its just added at least 10 years to their look! I fell asleep in the sun once by accident, it was horrific! I have fair skin and we all know what happens I got burnt and I could barely open my eyes. I never sunbathed again after that! So ladies be careful when you’re out in the sun and use relevant protection!


Well I better wrap this up! I hope you enjoyed my little story!

Thanks for reading!!




6 thoughts on “Skin Care by Wise Women

  1. I totally agree – most of what I have learnt has been from my mother. I have never tried the tea bags on the eyes but going to now as I always look tired

    Laura x


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