Me & Make Up



I started wearing make up properly when I was about 13 or 14. It wasn’t much maybe a bit of foundation and mascara, I was pretty clueless. I learnt a lot about make up through friends, like I had no idea about powder or concealer when I first started wearing make up! Over the years I experimented with make up and I now feel that I’m confident with make up and know what not to do! I cringe when I look back at pictures from when I was 14/15. I had a little rock chic phase and my eyes were pure black…. black eye liner, black eye-shadow, black mascara! I’m surprised I didn’t have black lipstick on!! I’m so glad I grew out of that one quick 😛


I soon moved on and the bright eyeshadow phase began! It all started with a Claires Accessories eye shadow pallet, I used to wear a colour on my eye lids and a colour under my lower lashes. It looked really funky, I’d probably still do it for a gig/festival/hen party but definitely not casually or for work! As I matured and went to uni I kept my look simple and on nights out I ‘d opt for the smoky eyed look, praise jesus I’ve managed to master that look!

My favourite make up look now as a 21 year old has to be my gold glitter eyes and red lippy 🙂 I don’t always wear lippy but my glitter is a must!! I find that it compliments my bright blue eyes 🙂 I’ve had a lot of compliments about my glittery eyes! I probably haven’t picked my best picture but its the only one I have to hand where you can see my make up clearly. I use a number of glitters and I will do a top 5 post on my favourite products but my lipstick hasn’t changed. The red I use is by Natural Collection and the shade is “Crimson”. Now I do have other lippys but red is my favourite! ❤



How has your make up developed over the years? Were you lucky to find the “one” straight away or were you like me and dabbled in a few looks before finding your look 🙂






5 thoughts on “Me & Make Up

  1. Hello there, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Rules and questions for you to answer are on my page. Good luck1 🙂


  2. I think everyone goes through a trial and error phase when it comes to makeup, especially in their teens. I used to wear mascara on my lower lashes only and sometimes white eyeliner. I really liked that look but I don’t know what I think of it now…


  3. Oh I have gone through soooooo many bad looks! I love alot of looks so couldn’t narrow it down to just one but I am, and always will be all about eyes kind of girl! x


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