Forever Loved: Moroccan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

Morrocan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask Review 003


This is a personal favourite of mine! I first started using this products back in 2011. I discovered it when my flatmates friend started using it. I begged my dad to gift it to me for my birthday and luckily he did! The smell of it is just divine, you’d nearly want to bathe in the stuff its that lovely 😛 The mask also has a great texture, its not too thick or runny! The one main thing to remember about using the hair mask is to towel dry before use. When your hair is wet it will just get mixed up with the water in your hair and not work as well. If you apply it to towel dried hair it will soak in and work its magic, especially on your dead ends and other problem areas!

On the pot it says to leave on for 5 minutes. I usually leave it on for a good while. In the mornings I’ll pop the conditioner on my hair and wrap my hair in a towel and go make breakfast or do something else before I rinse it out.  When I first started using the hair mask I had bleached hair and it really did improve the condition of it, now I have a natural blonde colour in my hair. Eventually bleach will kill your hair and the transformation from bleach to less harsh dyes is a long one. You’re hair will need a lot of love and care, it will be dry and won’t be porous to colour so it takes time to restore it back to a normal state. Nearly 2 years after my blonde transformation my hair is really healthy and I can finally get away with only trimming a few mm’s of split ends when I go to the hairdresser! I used to have trouble brushing my hair after washing it and after using this product I found it was much easier and I wasn’t pulling out my hair!

When drying my hair I also like to use the Morrocan Oil treatment for a bit of extra TLC🙂 The hydrating mask leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy. Styling my hair was much easier so I didnt need to spend alot of time straightening it. Also you’re hair will smell fab,  prepare to have people following you because you smell great 😉

The price for a 250ml pot is £25.00/€31.00. It is definitely worth every penny because of the results it produces and for its ability to last AGES! I would recommend buying products from the Moroccan Oil range from a trusted stockist. There are a lot of fakes going around and no one wants to get caught out 😦







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