Why Do I Blog?


I have been blogging since I was 15. I started off with a blog that was linked to my hotmail account, I think it was windows live space or something? I used to update it with the general going ons in my life, what my friends and I were doing that summer and all of our little quotes & funny moments. I kept it up for about two years and then I went into my exam year so there weren’t too many adventures happening! Once I went into university I started up a WordPress blog “In Love With Detail”. That was always my username, the inspiration for the name came from my favourite album as a teen by a band called Delorentos, I actually still use that name on my Instagram 🙂

In Love With Detail was a personal blog with a few rants and some little feature pieces. During my final year at university I set up a Tumblr blog, “Tales of a Peroxide Blonde” as part of my final year project. I interviewed band, wrote reviews and other little pieces. My projects that year were very music focused, my group project was a music chat show type thing and my independent project was based around women in music journalism. Music is a big part of my life and I would kill to be a full time music journalist. Unfortunately I’m not the richest person in the world and gigs can be a bit pricey so its more of  a “when I can” kind of  blog.

On to Eyelash in Wonderland. This was a blog I set up when I was in Ireland for Christmas.  I started thinking about doing a course in Hair & Make up for Film and TV at LCBT and thats where I got the idea for the beauty blog. I didn’t end up doing that course because deep down I really wanted to get into TV production, (I’m still battling my way through the competition but I have had a few temp roles in TV!)

I have always been in the know about Beauty/fashion/lifestyle/general women’s interests. It was like a second language to me! I decided I would stick with the blog and it would be something for me to work on between freelance gigs. I set up Eyelash in Wonderland because the topics I write about can be done daily and at very little cost. My dressing table is full of products and one of the big drawers underneath is full to the brim with even more products!

I have a real passion to write and the topics I cover on here come naturally to me! I didn’t set up this blog just to get freebies from PR companies and take advantage. My aim is to work hard and earn that privilege. It would be nice one day to make a career out of this blog 🙂 I really do enjoy writing, creating images and interacting with other bloggers! I don’t ever feel like its competitive, everyone I’ve come across is willing to help and give advice, its wonderful!

I’m really thankful to those who have read, liked, shared and commented on my posts. It really does make my day!

If you ever have any suggestions for posts you would like to see in the future,  just drop me a line and I will do my best to get them up on the blog!




4 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. Ah how nice to hear u have blogging since 15. I also started blogging because I was unemployed. I studied media and sociology and would love to find a social media job role but no luck either. Just a few temp jobs now and then. I enjoy blogging and it definitely keeps the brain activated on the months where I am unemployed! Good luck to you I hope one day ur dream job does come along. Xx


  2. This is a lovely post! can’t believe you have been blogging for 15 years! I really hope you make it in tv and managed to keep up this blog too x


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