Lishy Loves…… Alpro Soya!



Hey There!

I wasn’t planning to post anything up here until my strict blogging schedule kicks in next week but I just had to after I tried Alpro Soya Chocolate flavoured milk. All my life I have been really awkward and one of my things is that I can’t drink milk, it just taste sour to me. How I used to envy people who could just gulp down a pint of milk and enjoy it!! Recently I found out I was low in vitamin B12 so I did a little Google search to see how I can get it into my diet a bit more. I noticed soya milk and thought okay i’ll give that a go…. few weeks go by and I’ve totally forgotten about it until last night!!

My way of drinking milk was to add a spoon or 2 of Nesquik powder into a pint of milk to take the sourness away, but it obviously can’t be good for me! I don’t even want to think about what sugars are in 2 spoons of powder alone!! I was in my local supermarket last night and out of the corner of my eye I spotted some soya milk. There was a wide range to chose from so I thought I’d try the chocolate and vanilla flavours to get me into the swing of things.

You wouldn’t even know the difference between normal chocolate milk and soya chocolate milk, its fab! Another reason why I love it so much is because it is a source of protein, calcium and vitamins B2, B12 & D. The little cartons look small but they go along way, for a split second I thought I had a magical never ending drink 😛

Once I’ve run out of chocolate I’m going onto vanilla and I’m definitely buying strawberry next time I do my food shop!







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