Beauty Bargain of The Week



Last week I was browsing around my local pound shop when I came across these products hidden amongst the shaving cream! I’ve never heard of Creightons before but after doing my research it appears they have quite a selection of products! They mainly trade online so I’d love to know how these Squeeky Clean products crept into the pound shop!  Seeing as they only cost a pound, I thought I might as well give them a go. I bought the Body Better Body Lotion, the Saint or Shimmer Lotion and the Pore Pow Wow Face Mask.  Its amazing what cute little products you can get in the pound shops these days, 3 beauty products for a £1 each…. you cant go wrong! 

When I spotted the products I thought “wow how quirky is the packaging!”. The main statement for the Squeeky Clean brand is “a heavenly range of bodyliscious treats especially for you”. I totally agree with this, the products are wonderful 🙂 I won’t say too much because I’m going to do a review of range later on in the week. I would definitely recommend you get out and check out the Squeeky Clean range!

Where to buy: Poundland or if you’re interested in checking out Creightons other products head over to their website 

Price £1



3 thoughts on “Beauty Bargain of The Week

  1. Ohh I bought these too….They’re fab! I haven’t tried the face mask yet though! I hope Poundland continue to stock them! 🙂


  2. I have just tried the pore mask and washed it off as it felt like it was burning my skin I wonder is this a normal sensation please?


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