Shades for Summer: Week 1

Every week or 2 I’m going to do a shades for summer write up 🙂 I just love painting my nails and trying out new designs so I thought it’d be a good idea to share it with everyone!

Aqua coloured nail varnishes were the talk of all the beauty magazines back home in Ireland while I was visiting. There was one in particular that they all went mad for. La Laque Couture in No 36, Vert D’orient by Yves Saint Lauren. I am a big fan of YSL products but unfortunately my purse isn’t!!


Before I went home I decided to treat myself to some new nail varnish shades. I opted for Topshop as I’ve heard wonderful things about their range. I picked up a fab blood red shade called ruthless and an aqua shade called green room. Depending on what type of nail varnish you get, you definitely won’t be out of pocket. The price difference is based on the shade and texture (Matt or glossy). The two shades I purchased were both £5……. Steal!!!

Focusing on green room. When applying this polish you need 2 coats to let the true colour shine through. I’m usually a 1 coat gal because for some reason my second coat doesn’t dry quick enough and it smudges! 😦 Topshop nail varnish was a beauty to work with, the drying time is the best I’ve seen! I even got a perfect second coat 😀 Its a lovely shade for summer and a bit of gold glitter on top would really compliment it 🙂


Tip: Green Room is fab as a base coat for leopard print nails so if you’re feeling daring go for it! Unfortunately my first attempt didn’t go too well but i m working on it!! 🙂



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