Primark Calling!

Have any of you picked up some of Primarks own brand make up products? Well from what I’ve tried I think they’re fab! Today when I was buying some jeans I picked up a few bits from the beauty section in my local Primark and I must say I’m impressed. We’ll start from left to right with the tweezer set. Now I find it so hard to find a good tweezers to attack my eyebrows with, especially those teeny tiny hairs that’ll show up even when you have make up on. The set comes with a slanted tweezers and a pointy one and for £1 it is a steal! Those tweezers are like my new best friends, my eyebrows look fab! They also look very pretty covered in polka dots, very cute for very little money. Next is the Primark Volume Boosting Mascara in black.

I use about 3 different mascaras just so I can have lovely looking lashes. I use a base, a volume and a finisher and Primarks own brand mascara gives the same effect as using 3 mascaras, its amazing! This also cost a pound and goes a long way! I wasn’t too keen on the glitter eye liner, it does come out well but it irritated my eyelids a bit. I do have slightly sensitive eyes so it might work wonders with someone else but once again for a pound its worth giving it a try! Finally I picked up a paddle brush for £1/£1.50 and its making it ever so easier to get the knots out of my hair 🙂

I haven’t got the best of Primarks in my area but they have a good selection of beauty items in there and I can’t imagine what the bigger branches might have! When I eventually trek up to Oxford Street I’ll have to see if I find any other beauty bargains!



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